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Keep Full
Don’t worry about keeping a watch on your tank’s gauge! G & S will monitor your tank’s gauge and based on the size of your tank and your average usage, your tank will be automatically filled when it starts to run low.

If you prefer, you can monitor your tank’s level and call us to schedule a delivery when it’s convenient for you.

Onsite-Bottle Plant
G & S Gas has an onsite-bottle plant available to refill any size cylinder or RV while you wait.


G & S Gas sells a full line of propane appliances including: Gas Logs, Tankless Water heaters, Space Heaters, Gas Ranges, Gas Grills, Fryers, and Patio Heaters


G & S Gas has trained and certified service technicians ready to assist with all your propane needs. G & S Gas can install aboveground and underground tanks, gas lines, gas logs, heaters, fireplace kits, gas grills, propane cooktops, and much more.


G & S Gas services all types of gas appliances, including home heating, space heating, water heating, pool and spa heating, cooking, grilling and home generators.